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Recently gave my entire account a heavy polish, removed a lot of my 'poor' work and journals and I'm glad it looks a lot fresher. Currently working on cleaning a lot of my other accounts and organising them, hopefully linking everything together somehow. It's all feeling rather professional even though I do nothing but watch youtube videos and fart about on tumblr.

Ah well, I hope everyone likes the cleaner profile, expect some uploads sometime soon hopefully!
Window Breaker by RuthlessDutchman
Window Breaker
Casual doodle while on the train home. 

While drawing the stick-figure wireframe I was thinking about the sorts of things people have said about representations in games, overdone tropes and stereotypes. Things like how often the 'badass' protagonist is some burly white man with a big gun in shooters, or how armour worn by any woman seems impractical [[Boob window, metal boob cups, less coverage - more power]], or even that physical handicaps are solved by technological replacements such as prosthetics that function just as well as a typical limb, if not 30x better [[It's never really inbetween, it's either 'you can walk' or 'your legs turn into rocket boosters']].

I'll admit I haven't had the chance to play many games, mainly due to me only having a Dreamcast till 2010 with a select few games, and an X-Box 360 but my parents wouldn't allow for any games involving guns or violence. Any computer I've owned until the start of this academic year has been less than capable to even run minecraft. But I've listened to people online and in person talk about these things and they were all going through my head as I was drawing. 

She's unnamed at the moment, but I'm happy with how this came out.


No journal entries yet.


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Rick Merlin Van Ruth
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United Kingdom
Final year Mechanical Engineering student at University of Liverpool, 21

I'd consider myself a guy of many skills, although I try not to boast about them since that gets me nowhere. I'm an avid Photoshopper, from silly edits to actual proper coloured artwork, although lately I haven't had much time to do it but I hope to get back to that. For now it's a lot of doodles, artwork I do in my sketchpad as I travel on trains or fall asleep in lectures, you'll see better stuff soon, I promise!

Outside of drawing and photoshop, I also like to play guitar. I currently own 5 guitars but I play mostly on my classic acoustic guitar and occasionally upload tracks to my soundcloud -….

I do regularly check my dA account but if you would like to keep up with my shenanigans then feel free to follow me on my tumblr account!

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